A Place To Create and Be Inspired

We spent a long time working on The Fountain’s ambient surroundings, to provide you with the very best environment for business.

This means the highest quality materials and the best possible design. Our technology is intuitive and beautifully simple, while never intruding on the space. The furniture is a talking point but always comfortable and never distracting.

And to truly inspire you, we’ve filled The Fountain with a range of stunning art, including our main piece in The Boardroom. Specifically commissioned for The Fountain, ‘Dancing Peacocks‘ is a striking piece in mixed media, spanning three 1m canvasses to create a fascinating visual to the space. Created by an incredibly talented young artist, Afsaneh Short, we’re very proud of our artwork and would love to share this with you.

Click HERE to visit Afsaneh’s website for more examples of her work.


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