The Boardroom and Meeting Room are equipped with HD broadcast quality video conferencing facilities, dedicated IP addresses and room filling audio.



Our LifeSize Room 220 is a Full HD video conferencing system ideal for collaborating with up to eight remote participant locations around the world. From the comfort of your Fountain leather seat, you can see the most active four speakers at any one time or can choose to focus on the primary speaker. With preset framing options, you can control the camera angles in the room to focus on the whole table or zoom in to individual delegates at the touch of a button. And, of course, if it’s a presentation you’re discussing, this can be easily shared on screen with your video delegates, be it a PowerPoint presentation on The Boardroom’s resident PC, your own laptop or even content from your mobile phone, viewing the data on one display while seeing all eight participants on another display.
The most powerful HD video conferencing solution available today, The Fountain’s LifeSize Room 220 system simply feels like being there.


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